Estonian generosity

Last Friday we had a party (including a penalty shoot out, Clockwork Orange and The Rocky Horror Show on the “big” screen and an all-round friendly atmosphere) to celebrate our new office at Jõe 9 and recent growth and I was overwhelmed by our (Estonian) guests’ generosity.

I know the Estonian custom of bringing gifts to parties (especially small bunches of flowers) but I really did not expect the same for an “office party”.

We did not do a headcount but about 60 people came along (which is about half the number we invited) including clients, partners, suppliers, bloggers, academics, a journalist (with big camera), an MP, a few other civil servants and other friends.

Between them, they managed to give us:

1. Several bunches of flowers
2. A coconut plant and another unidentified plant.
3. Loads of wine including one mega-sized bottle of Italian red.
4. Brandy
5. A clock
6. A pillow
7. A magnifying glass
8. Chocolates
9. An umbrella
10. A book of good thoughts

So thank you to all our guests.
It was a BLAST and we will certainly do another one sometime…with magic next time…watch this space.

PS I believe some photos will go up and here’s the first one thanks to Siim Teller (Skype)

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