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I am a proud but lazy member of the Estonian Green Party although I hope one day that Green Parties will never be needed.

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Hi, I read that Estonian Greens are homophobic and eurosceptic. Is that true?

Estonia: Anti-general election campaign
With right wing parties Central Party, Reformist Party and Union of Res Publica and Fatherland being the favorites. It´s also the debut year for the newly formed Green Party, although formed few months ago, already known for their homophobic views.
We should note that the movement does not accord much importance to European issues. The trend would rather be towards resisting the development of the EU as highlighted in an article in the daily Postimees which brandished the headline on 1st December, “the Green Party is flirting slightly with an anti-European trend.” One of the members of the party’s board, Anti Poolamets, is a convinced Euro-sceptic and was a fervent defender of the “NO” camp in the referendum on 14th September 2003 to Estonia’s accession to the EU

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Robin Gurney

I personally do not know any homophobic Estonian greens but no doubt there are a few in the closet 😉
Certainly here in the Baltics the level of tolerance of gays is not as high you would like to see.
I don’t think its particularly a green issue though.
Its a general malaise, something I hope will pass in time.
I know several gay Estonians who have to keep it quiet for fear of discrimination etc.

As to Eurosceptic: I don’t speak for the party but I hope someone will answer that one. My simple answer would be : aren’t we all eurosceptic on some policies and pro-european on others?

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Henri —

I would say the articles are mostly from the campaign library of other parties trying to downplay greens as a new party. Thus should be not taken too seriously.

There is actually only one known eurosceptic in the group – who is saying that EU as of now is fine with him but it should not move to become a federal state.

What comes to the homophobic claim this is hard to take seriously – there is no mention of it in any of the party texts. Only thing that you can say that the party not homophilic like the german greens are …


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Mike Feinstein


I am a US Green Party member writing about the Estonian Green election results for the US Green Party newspaper Green Pages

I understand that in the parliamentary elections held in March 2007, the Estonian Greens received 39,265 votes (7.1% of the total), and thus will hold six seats in the Riigikogu, the first time they will sit there as a party.

Can anyone tell me something about the campaign – what were the issues the Green ran on? How did they conduct their campaign? What about after the election. Did they participate in any discussions about forming a government? Did they get any ministers?

What about their six MPs? Are any of them well-known for their backgrounds on any particular issues? What will be the role of the Estonian Greens in the Riigikogu over the next four years? What is their strategy to be effective in the parliament?

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