Estonian Internet Awards 2009

As I mentioned previously I was made Chairman of the Jury for Estonia’s first Internet Awards.

Here are my comments in English (Estonian ones are here: EESTI INTERNETIKONKURSS 2009 ŽÜRII KOMMENTAARID) :

The quality of entries was a little higher than expected and positive progress is being made towards seeing more Estonian work that could compete on an international level.

The jury was instructed to make effective/results however it was clear from the results that design is still the major factor – I hope this changes next year. This should not become another design award. Some campaigns that produced excellent results did not make the shortlist because design was “average” – this is wrong in my opinion.

Having said that the only “gold” was awarded to Edicy (simple design) and so obviously the jury did weigh other factors in their case.

The public sector produced more good work than the private sector and so commercial organisations should at the government and charity winners for inspiration and not just at their competitors.

Overall my feelings are very positive and considering this was the first year it went exceedingly well. All the winners were worthy.
It would have been good see more entries in some categories especially mobile, video and search marketing and it was a good idea to create a political category as political e-marketing is on the rise.

In the future best practice guidelines for each category should be given to jury members in advance, rather than relying solely on their diverse experiences. If that’s not possible then the jury should contain at least one expert in each category.

As an interesting footnote: these awards were initiated by several people, including me, we were complaining (on Twitter and Blogs) about the Golden Egg Awards and pushing for a new Estonian award system for internet works. This shows the true power of social media more than any of the presentation we saw.

I applaud ADC*E and Best marketing for taking up the challenge at such speed and wish them all the best in the future.

Robin Gurney
Chairman of the Jury
Estonian Internet Awards 2009

I also made some notes, about why each winner won, for my speech (they are just notes) and here they are just in case you are interested.

Stop Killing Dogs
· Cleverly combines pro-bono work and self-promotion.
· Makes a radical campaign accessible and palatable for a wide audience.
· Well executed and uses appropriate and effective social media (not just “bolting on” social media because its fashionable)

New World Library
· Reflects the real world ideology of the organisation very well
· Fine example of a geographically localised service
· Capitalises on and furthers a growing trend of Estonians helping each other

Edgar Xmas card
· Keskerakond sets the benchmark for political e-marketing in Estonia and so encourages wider experimentation of political e-marketing
· Widely recognised as effective and innovative, even by those who are anti-Savisaar
· Achieved an impressive response nationally

Tee Ise…
· Simple but innovative campaign that produced impressive results
· Added a humorous touch to political online messaging
· Content well aligned to target audiences

· Clean, easily understandable presentation of complex data
· Encourages wider consideration of make technical data and interfaces “more beautiful”

· Good example of a mobile friendly, online banking website – especially welcome in Estonia with such mobile penetration
· Means people can do most banking transactions “on the go” without the need for pin numbers or ID cards
· Impressive to go “where the customers are” despite the current economic climate

· Very valuable, engaging bilingual content that provides good advice about consumer spending habits
· Navigation style encourages deeper engagement on an important issue
· We liked Oliver!

· Nice look and feel – “better than you would expect for a site like that”
· Lots of original, interesting content
· Technically one of the best

· Visually appealing, great photography and clean layout
· Positive integration of blogging format makes information discovery easy
· Good information architecture and convenient for RSS readers

Miksi ennast seaks!
· Highly interactive, engaging and innovative in Estonia
· Lots of fun for kids
· A captivating “walled environment”

Elion Video Ad
· Interactive, content rich banner
· An engaging application with value rather than an unwelcome flashing distraction
· Entertaining

Estonian Air (bubbles)
· Best use of black pixels
· Complex video production with a retro feel
· All information is there –making it an effective campaign landing page.

Estonian Air (medieval)
· Excessive tinkering of the design
· Little content details create curiosity and deeper engagement
· An adventurous, non-pushy, campaign

· Straightforward, honest, simple approach
· Delivers an important message to deal with a topical and very serious issue
· Better than expected, and friendly tone, for a public service information website

Green Energy
· Well executed, highly polished
· Addictive
· Rich, engaging content
· “Does what it says on the tin” – a no-distractions, no-fuss buying experience
· A real e-shop, not a catalogue
· Easy to spend your money there

· Rich content including embedded apps e.g. Google Maps
· Sets a new benchmark for other travel agents to beat
· No loose ends – “complete”

· Global ambition
· Excellent, simple user experience
· Very good example of product, business and website execution

Special mention for Geo-Ape
· “Keep up the good work”. We like to see grassroots innovation and effort and we encourage/welcome more entries like this next year.

Message for Katri Saks:

It might have won an award but the deceptive nature of the campaign and encouraging people to spread fake information caused a serious discussion about ethical internet marketing. We do not encourage the use of fake identities to promote to promote goods and services.

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Mika Tuupola

Edgar was awarded mostly because of results. Edgar design was horrible (maybe on purpose). New World Library was even more horrible design. It was awarded because of the idea. So I would not say projects were awarded only because they look good.

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Robin Gurney

Mika – I did not say “only because they look good”.
I said that:

Some (not all btw) campaigns that produced excellent results did not make the shortlist because design was “average” – this is wrong in my opinion.

I agree some were given awards where design was not the main criteria but the design-influenced majority was still clearly present.

Still – a step in the right direction

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margus —

Sorry, but in which way is “conveniet for RSS readers”? FireFox can’t seem to find a feed on that site and so can’t Google Reader… Am I missing something or are You?

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Robin Gurney

Hi Margus, this comment came from the jury and I have asked for an explanation. As soon as i get an answer I will post it here.

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