Estonian Internet Marketing Exports to Rise 100%+ in 2011

Altex Marketing, an European internet marketing agency based in Tallinn, Estonia claims export growth for the internet marketing sector has huge potential.
Altex Marketing will see exports increase 50%+ this year and predicts 100%+ increase for 2011.

“A combination of continued growth in internet adoption and the recession have brought greater demand for internet marketing services in Estonia because of their relatively low cost and high ROI compared to traditional media marketing and advertising.” claimed Robin Gurney, Director of Strategy at Altex Marketing.

He added, “In addition the number of Estonian companies offering internet marketing related services is increasing but there is not enough profitable work (due to strong price competition) for all to grow significantly within the Estonian market.
Altex’s solution has been to maintain a strong local market share but increasingly focus on exports.”

Over the past 2 years there has been an explosion in internet marketing services in Estonia.
Such services include email marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing.
As a result the quality and quantity of Estonian service providers is growing fast.

Tõnis Hinnosaar added: “Altex has been promoting internet marketing in the Estonian domestic market for 5 years. Now we want to see our industry take bigger steps, to reach beyond our borders and take advantage of EU demand and the fact our currency will be the Euro very soon. We can all win in Europe.”

Currently Altex has active client projects in 12 European countries (Nordic, Baltic and CEE countries but also UK).

In addition Altex has hired an International Development Manager, Norman Ojasoo and engaged two International Expansion Advisors – Rain Rannu (co-founder of Mobi Solutions/Fortumo) and Rok Hrastnik (Head of Internet in 22 countries for Studio Moderna) to further exploit the potential.

Altex has also noticed a visible increase in interest in the use of internet marketing by Estonian exporters especially those in tourism and ICT sectors.

In addition Altex has recently invested over 300,000 eek in specialist software to aid the expansion and export drive.

“Export sales are up, export predictions for 2011 are up. We urge all well-resourced Estonian internet marketing service providers to look around Europe. There is strong demand for quality services at reasonable prices. Prices that are very interesting for Estonian suppliers.”

About Altex
Altex Marketing OÜ is a European, multilingual, internet marketing based in Tallinn, Estonia.
More information about the roles of Norman Ojasoo, Rain Rannu and Rok Hrastnik is available at

Further information and photos available on request from Andri Viiand

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