Eturundus! 6 emarketing event in Tallinn, Estonia

Eturundus! events are about emarketing and the next one is coming soon.

So far three speakers have confirmed and we are waiting on one more… so the loyal audience for these events do not have to listen to me again !

The three are:

1. Epp-Kristina Keerov from EMT
2. Daniel Vaarik from Hill and Knowlton
3. Ants Lusti from Leo Express

When? September 7th 2-5pm approx. followed by networking snacks and dronks (PeaToit! 3)

Where? Central Tallinn to be advised – original suggestions welcome

How much? To be decided but probably 250 eek + tax with some free tickets and/or discounts for students, charities, micro companies and ex-speakers.

See you there.

If you really want to book a ticket now before we have more details then you can contact me
robin at altex dot ee and I will give you the bank details for your payment.

Alternatively if you speak Estonian you can get them here ..scroll down.

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