EU to Block Russian WTO Membership Over (Estonia etc.) Crisis ?

The European Union is threatening to block Russian membership of global free trade agreements unless President Putin pledges to “de-escalate” a deepening crisis between Moscow and its neighbors.

…..WTO membership is key to Russia’s full participation in the international economy and to securing lucrative, investment-friendly trade deals with the E.U. and America.

A bullet point on a secret negotiating memo seen by the Brussels newspaper European Voice says:

Make clear that E.U. is ready to support early conclusion of Russia’s WTO accession but not at any price and bilateral problems or disregard for existing commitments will be major impediments.

Get the whole copyright article here: E.U. Threatens Trade Bar as Russia Crisis Deepens

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Robin Gurney

“The reports about a dramatic toughening in the EU stance to Russia’s application for WTO membership are entirely inaccurate,” Peter Power, a spokesman for European Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, told a regular briefing.

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