EU under attack by Russia

Statement by the Estonian Foreign Minister

The European Union is under attack, because Russia is attacking Estonia. The Bronze Soldier and the vandalism in Tallinn was Estonian domestic matter, but Russia’s coordinated actions against Estonia are a European Union problem. Thus, European Union-Russia relations have entered a very complicated situation.

The attacks are virtual, psychological and real.

Before the riots, representatives of the Russian Embassy met with the main organisers of the riots in Tallinn and other Estonian cities. The meetings took place in very strange locations such as the Tallinn Botanical Garden.

It has been established that cyber terrorist attacks against Estonian governmental institution websites and that of the President’s Office’s have been made from IP addresses of concrete computers and by concrete individuals from Russian government organs including the administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

The Russian State Duma delegation, which visited Estonia through the intermediation of the European Union’s Presidency, has demanded the resignation of the government and refuses to cooperate or enter into dialogue with Estonian officials. The visiting delegation only made demands and false allegations. This is interference in Estonian internal matters.

The youth organisation Na?hi has surrounded the Estonian Embassy in Moscow, which also is the residence for all the employees. In essence, the employees are being held hostage. Today, Russian parliamentarians indicated that if there was a desire on Russian side, the special police would be able to free the Embassy in three minutes – however, the special police have said that their orders are to ensure only the minimum of security. Today, the Estonian flag was torn from the Embassy building. These actions are all in breach of the Vienna Convention.

The direct links of hostile Russian youth organisations like Na?hi and Molodaja Gvardija to the Kremlin are well known. Just as well known is the fact that each person holding Estonian Embassy in Moscow under siege is being paid 550-1000 roubles per day by the Kremlin.

Russian television channels, whose “freedom” is well known throughout the world, do not show clips of rioters in the streets, but rather of “innocent” citizens of Russian descent being “terrorised” by police officers. They also broadcast news of Estonian police killing detainees and that the Estonian Defence Forces have been given the command to shoot Russians. These are gross lies.

I affirm to you that we have sufficient material to prove our accusations.

This all clearly shows that the future of people of Russian descent in the Estonian Republic is only being used as a rhetorical pretext for “active measures” and our compatriots are being used for greater political gains.

On Thursday, I will make a proposal to the Estonian Government as to which measures Estonia believes that the European Union should apply to Russia. These measures have to influence Russia so that it ends the attacks and its interference in internal matters of Estonia as well force Russia to fulfil its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The measures should affect EU-Russia relations in its entirety.

We believe it to be essential that the European Union react in full strength against the behaviour of Russia. This might result in the suspension or cancellation of negotiations between the European Union and Russia. The postponement of the European Union-Russia Summit must be seriously considered.

If the situation at the Estonian Embassy in Moscow has not normalised by nine o’clock tomorrow morning, Estonia will end all consular services except for consular assistance to Estonian citizens in its Moscow consulate. The services will be resumed once the situation has returned to normal. We will continue to monitor the security of our other representations in Russia.

PS Ross Mayfield has posted a detailed comment on this sad situation here

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Robin Gurney —

some pretty serious allegations in your post.
Were you in Tallinn at the time?

Do you have any evidence of this:
Those arrested were thrown into in a harbor warehouse as they were livestock, and there they were beat by police within an inch of their life.

Wasn’t the person killed (stabbed) by another protester when looting? Your post seems to indicate it was as a result of police action.

As for your other more overtly political points I will leave to other people with more intimate knowledge of Estonian history to comment.

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Jane —

Estonia, which has recently joined to EU and NATO, officially practices Apartheid policies and does its best to rehabilitate and legalize Fascism, for years. EU, US and other democracies preferred not to pay attention on that till now. However, it doesn’t cancel the fact that Estonia carries out a policy of Ethnic Discrimination against ethnic Russians, who constitute a third part of its population. Most of these people were born in this country or live here for 30-40 years, but they were not even provided citizenship and are treated as second class people. Moreover, Estonia officially glorifies legionaries of Hitler’s SS troops that exterminated Jews in Fascist death camps in Estonia during the Holocaust. Government sets up monuments to these Fascist butchers. They are allowed to march in the downtown of the capital, Tallinn. They are invited to official events; the Estonian President shakes their bloody hands, and calls them heroes of Estonia.

At the same time, Estonian government aggressively fights with any memories of millions of the Soviet soldiers, who paid with their lives to free Europe from the plague of the Fascism and to save dozens millions of Europeans of the death. And democratic countries – first of all EU and US, prefer to dissemble this again. But recently Estonian regime overstepped the limits, which makes it absolutely illegal from the point of view of common human values. On April 26, Estonian authorities have decided to finally erase the memory of the victory of Russian soldiers over the Hitler’s Nazism by destroying the main World War II memorial to a Soviet warrior-rescuer, Bronze Soldier. For those Russians who live in Estonia, demolition of the memorial is not just a removal of some architectonic construction. This is the most painful insult of the memories of their fathers and grandfathers, who died in battle with the Fascism to bring freedom to the Europe.

Thousands of offended Estonian Russians came to a peaceful protest demonstration, demanding from Estonian officials to stop the vandalism. But instead dialogue Estonian authorities sent special police forces to suppress the protest. With no reason they started to fire in the protesters rubber bullets, water cannon and tear-gas, throw flash-bang grenades, and baton women and teenagers. During the massacre the first ethnic Russian was killed, dozens were injured and hundreds were arrested just because of their Russian ethnicity. Those arrested were thrown into in a harbor warehouse as they were livestock, and there they were beat by police within an inch of their life. Just think – in the heart of the Europe an Apartheid regime kills, injures and arrests hundreds people just because of their ethnicity! However, almost all of the European and American media keep hypocritical silence or even worse call this “pacifying gangs of drung vandals”.

This is disgrace! This is shame not only on those European and US governments that support this Nazi state. This is shame on every European and American who keeps silence today. Keeps silence, because somewhere inside he or she is confident that rehabilitation of Fascism, and Apartheid crimes committed against those “dirty Russian” at the heart of the European Union, provide “useful lesson” to Russians and Russia. But maybe you think that this is not your business? Then let me remind you a famous phrase by German priest Martin Niemoller he said about Nazis in 1945: “First they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew…. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left who can speak up for me”. Today, new European Nazis came for the Russians, and the Europeans keep silence or, better to say, silently approve. Well, you can be sure – this is just the beginning, and some day yours home-grown Nazis, inspired by your silence of the crimes of the Estonian Fascism, will come for you. And there will be no one to speak up for you. Because Russians, once rescued the Europe from the Fascism, will never pay again with millions of their lives for those not speaking up today.

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David Phillips

It has been a big DDoS acording to F-Secure (

It is also a major issue for other EU states. If the DoSS is Russian inspired then they can do this kind of thing across Europe and that would be a big issue. In the UK 10% of retail sales are online, much of governement is dependant on the web. France is even more dependant. There is no question that ‘Russia’s coordinated actions against Estonia are a European Union problem.’

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to jane —

Jane, I do not know you but you seem to be one of those blind or naive people who do not care about other nations and still dream of Russia being a super power.
You still refuse to accept that Estonia and many other smaller countries managed to become independent again.

Bronze soldier- why Russians are taking this issue as an action against Russia/Russians? There were also Estonians and many other nations fighting against facism as well.

To make it short-Soviet regime brought destruction, chaos, and occupation to Estonia and that’s what Bronze soldier is about.


If you look at the behavior of Russia today and the way they act and try to solve the problems then this reminds (me) very much (of) Germany back in 1930’s

Organizations like Nashi in Russia today = Nazis!

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to jane —

Jane, back to school or read some books before you start shouting!!!!!!

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Triine —

What a f**k, jane?
I think you are Russian, yes?
Cuz things weren’t like this at all.
Russian people weren’t peaceful at all. They robbed stores and burn down some wooden buildings. They screamed “Russia,Russia,Russia..!” and said that “ALL is theirs”. They were terrible to their own country- to their own hometown. Is it normal? Why don’t they want to go to their loved country Russia if they love it so much?
Russain government payed them 6 euros an hour each that they send from Russia for the vandalism.

Sorry.. i just can’t read this bullsh*it that Jane wrote.
Cuz theres nothing but lies.

I live in Tallinn and i’m truely afraid the Russians.

If you want to see what Russian did in Tallinn that night :

Is it normal`?

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Robin Gurney

BBC just posted on this
Note the comment:
….”cyber terrorists'” attacks against internet pages of Estonian government agencies and the office of the President had originated from Russian government computers.

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Robin Gurney

Please please: I know this is a passionate issue but no more swearing. Thanks.

Russians were paid 6€ an hour?
Any evidence of this please?

And to calm things down a little: let’s not put all “russians” in the same basket. I know and work with a number of Russian speaking Estonians who you should have no fear of.

We are talking about a minority here, let’s not forget that…or am I wrong?

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Triine —

I know too many many russians. But as you know (i hope), russains are very very temperament people. And sadly they don’t think very much with their own mind. They are like heard (sheep heard).
And by the way… All that robbing and violating wasn’t about the Bronze Soldier. i know because they have said it themself.

The 6€ an hour business was in the news (televison). Russain delegation confessed that.
I think that is enogh evidence.

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Jüri —

Today afternoon, the Estonian flag was torn off the Estonian Embassy in Moscow by Russians protesting against the relocating of the Bronze Solder for already fifth day.

While the Estonian flag was desecrated, the Russian Duma delegation currently on a visit to Estonia admitted to the Secretary General of Estonian Ministry Foreign Affairs that the security of the Embassy could be restored in three minutes if Russian side only wished it.

The press secretary of the Embassy, Franek Persidski, said to “Eesti Päevaleht” that one of the Russian youngsters jumped over the fence to the Embassy territory, cut the flag’s wire and took the flag back to the protesters.

According to Persidski, the people ran with the flag in front of the Embassy until the OMON took it away from them in minutes and returned it to the Embassy representative.

According to Interfax, OMON arrested the young person and took him back to their car but young protesters surrounded the OMON vehicle and obstruct it from leaving the Embassy.

“It is clear, that the officers have been given instructions to do as little as possible which means that they can not ensure the security of our Embassy”, said Estonian Foreign Minister Mr Urmas Paet to the Estonian Radio news.

According to him, the EU will shortly present the Foreign Minister of Russia a common understanding and demarche, since the present situation of the Embassy in Moscow is totally unacceptable.

“Allegations as if Russia is not capable of ensuring law and order, is not true if we remind ourselves of the opposition protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg a week ago. These were brought down very fast and forcefully, so militia obviously has the know-how”, said Paet.

Estonia has presented the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs already three diplomatic notes concerning the Embassy, but so far — in vain.

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Jonas —

Hahaha , Jane , get your facts right…The bronze soldier is indeed a memorial for the fallen Soviets mostly for THOSE , who haven’t even bothered to study the history of Estonia or at least read it. For Estonians
the bronze soldier is a painful memory of 50 years lasting dictatorship.

At that time , thousands and thousands of Estonians were sent to death camps in Siberia, they didn’t show mercy to anyone,they even sent 8 month old babies to Siberia and people were sent in animal wagons.People were assigned to work till death,well , some were brought back to Estonia after 30 years and even then they had lost their homes and belongings ,so they had nowhere to go.Thousands were tortured to death. Every Estonian, who tried to inform anyone was instantly killed.They brought hundred’s of thousands of Russians into Estonia.

Did you know , that times were so hard , that un-educated Russians were given well paying jobs BEFORE educated Estonians ,who had been studying hard for a good life.
An old friend of mine even explained to me, that Russians didn’t have to pay for their apartments , but Estonians did have to pay taxes.Whenever a Russian and a Estonian got into a fight , the Estonian was found guilty even if the Russian started the fight. There were no human rights…Russians were kings of the land and Estonians were like ‘peasants’ who had to keep quiet.
So why would a memorial, which reminds Estonians of those painful days stand in middle of the city ,where we have to watch Russians kneel before it.

Our government just MOVED the statue and the remains of the soldier’s to a cemetery,where they belonged.Half of those corpses were buried under a road.Can you imagine , cars driving over your corpse?! I think it was the right thing to do ,no man deserves to be buried beneath a road , where people walk over you and cars drive over you.The bronze soldier and the remains werent destroyed , they were just moved.

And speaking of citizenship. Most Russians in Estonia don’t even bother to study our language.They yell ”ROSSIJA”(Stands for ‘RUSSIA’) on the streets.They have a much better life here then in Russia and they still whine. Did you know that today in Narva (City of Estonia) Russians demanded for the primary mother language in Estonia to be RUSSIAN? Preposterous, this is the thanks we get for giving them a much better life and safety.

There are two kind of Russians…One kind are the normal Russians , who are men of their word and understand what’s going on , the others are the ones who hate Estonians and still see Estonia as a country that is still occupied by Russia like in the soviet days. I even have Russian friends myself , so i can say that most of Russians are very nice and they have a nice sense of humor and those Russians stand NEUTRAL, because they know what the soldier means to Estonians.

But Moscow has has brainwashed the people of Russia . Their censored media shows only the clips , where the policemen are beating the rebels down. (I’d enjoy beating them also if they’d throw rocks and bottles at me like they did at our policemen)They don’t even show the stuff ,where Russian youth is on the streets bashing in thousands of window’s , kiosk’s and shop’s are being robbed,WOMEN are being beaten by Russians. Some of the Russians don’t even know what the bronze soldier stands for , they just like bashing windows in.

Do you call the fact normal , that in kindergarden , little 4-6 years old Russian children are being told to go and protest against the government along with the teacher’s.Our government hasn’t done anything wrong. If any government should be replaced , then it should be Russia’s Kremlin. Russia’s government should be ashamed of what they are doing , it has been proven that the Russians are very hot tempered and that violence and killing flows in their blood.

I’ll give you a very interesting link , that holds all the facts what Soviet Russia did to the Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians and other small nations. here it is , READ THIS LINK PLEASE , IT IS IN ENGLISH ->

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Jonas —

PS! Forgot to add that the Russians are just destroying their memorials in Russia. a Memorial in himk was destroyed. Russia explained that it was to close to the highway….but it was 100 meters away from the highway…the memorial was built for the 6 heroic soviet airforce men.The remains were buried in a cemetery and the memorial was thrown away , why doesn’t any Russian cry about that? This is a attack against Estonia and EU as I understand it.

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Triine —

I couldn’t say it better.

Reply »
Jonas —

AND to all those Russians crying about the memorial, that was made in honor of their grandparents , let me ask you , WHERE are my grandparents? Thanks to yours mine were tortured to death.
THE RED ARMY DOES NOT REPRESENT FREEDOM FOR US ESTONIANS, LATVIANS and LITHUANIANS and some smaller nations as we’ve felt the ‘freedom’ on our own skin…. Read the link and you will understand what i’m talking about.

PS! Sorry for my bad grammar, wanted to get over with this quickly, and with all this text i didn’t mean that all Russians are morons , just some of them are, and thanks to their population some = a lot.
Thanks for taking the time to read.

– Sincerely your’s , Jonas ,

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Jonas —

AND yes , the so called ‘ethnic’ russian man, who died, was stabbed by his own fellow russian. So shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about.And the police found some objects from his pockets that were labeled as ‘R-Kiosk’. And R-kiosk’s happened to be looted and destroyed on that faithful night.
So he was a man of vandalism himself. The so called ‘ethnic russian’ happened to be one of men who was behind all this also. And the police started using water cannon’s,tear-gas, flash-bang grenades and such equipment AT THE TIME WHEN russians were rioting and looting shop’s already.
And don’t you say that this is racism , even the estonians, who were just curious and went there were arrested.
People of their age should think with their own heads already ,that means that they were just asking for injuries and trouble. So stop crying.

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Jonas —

PS2! I live in Tallinn ,not far from the Bronze soldier , so i know what’s going on.

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Blah —

About the bronze soldier issue one fact that seems to be forgotten – it was allright, that people went there and brought flowers, celebrated May 9th and so on until last year (or was it the year 2005) when some russians went to the memorial with USSR Red Flags. This was like spitting estonians in the face. THIS KIND OF ACTION COULD NOT BE AND WAS NOT TOLERATED. So for real – shut up and get your facts right. Everyone knows, that Russia is just trying to find a reason to attack Estonia as the way they tryed to find a reason to attack Chechnya. And Russia has never cared for the people – even for their own people (blowing up big houses with many appartments, where people were sleeping just to have a reason… this is sick. And the media also – journalists who tell the truth or even former KGB agents who tell the truth are killed. So no respect for LIFE).

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P. van Driel —

there is no point talking to “Jane”, its an automated letter that Russian nationalists spread on the internet.

If you want to see how the russian “protestors” really looked like then here are a lot of photos:

Please note that the movie is not constructed from short fragments like the ones shown on Russian state TV. Its the real, uncut, deal.

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taigi —

There are a lot of rumours, that Kremlin is trying to affect internet public opinion by adding comments to the popular sites on behalf of ordinary people. For example in Lithuanian sites such comments name themselves in typical lithuanian names, however grammar errors which usually make russians show that these comments are not written by lithuanians. I also have read, such cases also appear in the russian sites.

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Nothing is Free —

The Estonians who decided to move the statue knew full well that it would provoke a reaction, so why do it? I know it’s hard to believe that one is not the center of the universe, or even the main concern of anyone buy oneself, but Russians in general are blissfully unaware of Estonia. So why provide a reminder, and not a very pleasant one? Here in Australia we have a similar problem with the “war on terror”. I am pretty certain that most Arabs could not tell the difference between Austria and Australia, but thanks to our chest-thumping, standing shoulder-to-shoulder (more like head to… never mind) with America prime minister, they now know where we live. Damn.

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jüri —

From Delfi.
One of today’s most respected Russian writers, Ljudmila Ulitskaja, posed the following question on the Russian political website forum, “Guys would you, by any chance, please go to hell?”.

“I am referring to those who lay siege to an embassy, vandalise grocery stores, chase after Georgian wine and then Estonian cheese — this feckless gang of hooligans who desecrate gravestones with paint, and earn their living through feuds, hatred and guns,” writes Ulitskaja, who was due to meet her readers this May in Tartu and Narva, but, according to the Estonian paper Postimees, was unable to secure a visa due to the blockade at the Estonian Embassy.

“We all want to work and earn money for a living, and be able to raise our children in a humane environment — not under the threat of war and terror.”

“Estonians are not obliged to celebrate a regime that forcibly introduced collectivisation and industrialisation, and repressed their people. This also applies to our soldier, a liberator whom they are not obliged to venerate. Yet, you guys demand this respect from another nation when you have yet to learn how to respect your own dead in their graves!”

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latvian —

greetings from latvia!!! latvian people are with is very good that one of our countries has showed to world how crazy, paranoid and aggressive russia is..things that we do in our countries are our business and it has no connection to everybody will see that only dictatorial regime in region is russia and they actions is closer to fascism than those old peoples who are going with flowers once a year to remember they tragedy…on opposite side we can see old soviet veterans who are walking in 9th May so proud about themselves,they are drinking vodka,singing soviet songs and claiming about country they occupied and live in…if they don’t like here-go to russia ….
thank you Estonia…have a peaceful weekend-God bless you…

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Nick Wilsdon

Well I live and work in Russia and I can tell you one thing, 9th May is a *big* event here. Far more important than the remembrance services we used to have in my native UK. To move the bronze man a few days before this important event does seem provocative on the part of the Estonians. I’m mystified they choose such a sensitive time to do this. If I’m kind I’d suggest that the Estonian administration had no understanding about this date but this seems odd considering the % of native Russians.

Speaking to my Russian friends here, they don’t understand the hostility towards statues celebrating the victory over the Nazis. I can see it from your POV as well, the ensuing occupation was not much better but the actions of those soldiers who died fighting the Nazis were brave. It seems unfair to lump them in with the political state that followed.

Saying all that though I have no time for these hooligans besieging the Estonian embassy. I’m intrigued you have evidence of their payment though Robin? Would you like to share more details on that?

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Robin Gurney

Hi Nick,
help kicking out the Nazis did not justify 50-ish years of occupation unless that was the plan all along. Have you read about the Molotov.Ribbentrop pact?

Call a spade a spade. Estonia was occupied for decades and thousand were killed etc. Nick, surely you don’t excuse that do you?

Yep the timing sucked but still, since when did that warrant the level of attack by one state on another that we have seen.

I think the point is that Estonia is being singled out here. Russia demolishes its own monuments (read some of the posts and links here) and if a fuss is kicked up (rare) in Russia then you can guess how its dealt with (probably not that well reported inside Russia?)
Russia accepts little (no) interference from outside about domestic affairs so why should Estonia?

I have not seen any evidence of payments personally but thats the rumour. I too would like to see evidence but I doubt they kept receipts and tax records if it did happen.

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Nick Wilsdon

>Have you read about the Molotov.Ribbentrop pact?

Yes we studied that in history at school. As that Wiki page shows there are historians who believe it was designed to buy Stalin time, as he was getting increasingly isolated by the Western powers. Before this pact Stalin had tried to get them involved against Hitler with no success. I seem to remember this fitting what I learned at school but it was some time ago!

Although I’m incredibly hesitant to get ‘facts’ from the Wikipedia, that section may have been written by a 23yr old college drop out claiming to be a university professor 😉

>I have not seen any evidence of payments personally but thats the rumour

Yes that’s always my problem with these disputes involving Russia and the EU, it is so often just based on rumours. I tend to get a very wide spectrum of news sources being on the internet and there often seems a biased towards Russia that is undeserved.

I always stop and ask myself – would it be in Russia’s interest to do this? Take the case of Litvenenko or Anna Politkovskaya. To often the answer is a resounding no. I do think there are forces in the Western media which try very hard to paint Russia in a bad light. To be fair, sometimes blunt Russian diplomacy doesn’t help the situation but there are definitely people at work to discredit them. Russia wants to place themselves as reliable energy suppliers to Europe and that is a far greater prize than the movement of a monument.

What you see in their reaction is the usual Russian (nationalistic) pride coming through but I’m pretty certain their true agenda is peaceful relations with the EU. It’s simply too damaging economically to pursue other channels.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if Berezovsky or others were involved in this somewhere. Either in the decision the Estonian officials took in moving the monument, the timing or in payment to the rioters. This whole episode plays out perfectly to the world media, to place Russia in the limelight again as the untrustworthy aggressor. Exactly the position Berezovsky and others want it to be in.

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Robin Gurney

well nick, you managed to avoid the occupation and murder issue quite well. you should be a diplomat.

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Nick Wilsdon

>probably not that well reported inside Russia

In terms of reporting, it seems fairly free here actually. There have been several investigation reports into ‘sensitive’ issues. Plus we have News24 (BBC UK) on the national channel until 10 am each morning. I keep seeing Western press refer to the ‘news clampdown’. One person even told me he had heard Russia turned off BBC World Service over the Litvenenko case. Complete rubbish.

On the other side, I’ve seen stories censored or dropped on Western stations, especially in regard to Iraq. So it doesn’t seem to be a one way street.

The media is pro-Putin but then again so are 90% of the demographic here. Some how the Western media feel frustrated there isn’t more anti-Putin material floating about – are they really that surprised?.

What worries me are the forces at work which are trying to unsettle the world situation. To make Putin feel that he has to turn aside the constitution and stand for another term. That would really put a wedge in the relations between Russia and the EU.

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Nick Wilsdon

>well nick, you managed to avoid the occupation and murder issue quite well. you should be a diplomat.

I’ve never said I agreed with what Russia did after they occupied Estonia and other former USSR countries. It was wrong. But what does Estonia want here – reparations?

Maybe that will come in time but anyone who understands Russians knows that isn’t going to come through confrontation and public attack through the world’s media.

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Robin Gurney

reparations? I should think so. I would.

as for Estonia being able to influence world media…mmmm

and its Russia doing the attacking here. wake up man, you are a bright guy, I know but if you can’t see what’s really happening then I don’t have much to add. Fire your parting shot or lets take it offline.

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Julia —

Hi, I am Russian person born in Estonia. I totally agree with Jane. Thank you. Estonians are very odd . And they like it this way- Russians are given all the dirtiest and heaviest jobs. And Estonians occupy all the office jobs. Law faculty in Tartu is 100% ethnic Estonians.(the 1 i know about) They like to present russians as dirty uneducated and rude people. Supposedly estoanin government is involved with vandalism to present all russian minority as monsters. My opinion is based on- 1. police saw them do vandalism and did not stop them! 2. People who were doing it were only teenagers or poor people. 3. they seemed to stick to some scheme, and they only attacked small shops, no political offices or big companies. I was near by. To Triin- you are so odd talking about `being scared of russians`. You know- russians do not differ from any other human beings. As for attacks- do you really think that Russian hackers would attack Estonia from governmental server???

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