European Social Democrats Support Estonia

The Party of European Socialists, in a meeting of its Presidency today, expressed its grave concerns about the alleged collusion of Russia in the siege of the Estonia Embassy in Moscow and riots in Estonia.

PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, told the Presidency – made up of senior representatives from all 32 socialist, social democratic and labour member parties – “Russia should not interfere in the affairs of a Baltic neighbour that poses no threat whatsoever. Russia must respect its international obligations. “

He added “European Socialists and Social Democrats stand in solidarity with Estonia.”

The statement adopted by the PES Presidency says:

The PES wishes to express its grave concerns about recent riots in Estonia, relating to the relocation of a World War II memorial, the effective siege of the Estonian embassy, and the alleged collusion of the Russian Federation in the perpetration of these acts.

The PES condemns the riots that are taking place in Estonia and the siege of the Estonian embassy in Moscow. The PES expresses serious concerns as to the involvement of the Russian government in these events, including the alleged contact between officials of the Russian embassy and the perpetrators of the lootings, as well as the refusal to date of the Russian government to secure the Estonian embassy.

The PES supports the German Presidency of the EU in its calls for the Russian government to end the siege of the Estonian embassy in Moscow, in full respect of its international obligations under the Vienna Convention.

Party of European Socialists
3 May 2007

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