Eyewonder Coming to Baltics for more meetings

Eyewonder is coming back to Tallinn to hold more meetings on 25th-27th August.

They first came and spoke at E!UK ( see Marcel Udo’s presentation on file here in the E! archive)

EyeWonder was one of the original pioneers in video and rich media advertising, and is now the definitive leading provider of Interactive Digital Advertising products and services.

Since 1999, they have been enabling advertisers and agencies to easily connect the most compelling and effective campaigns to their most desirable audiences.

EyeWonder’s in-page, in-stream and custom ad products can combine the quality and power of Flash video, the latest creative features, and the most comprehensive online tracking and reporting capabilities to dramatically enhance the impact and effectiveness of any new media ad campaign.

They already have made some agreements with major online publishers and media houses (in Estonia) and are looking to do more business here.

Their messages are:

To Creative/Production Agencies
Discover how the innovative Ad Formats, creative tools, and intelligent EyeWonder Service Teams can help bring your vision to life.

To Media Agencies
Learn how working with EyeWonder can ensure your campaigns run on-time and deliver the best results for you and your clients.

To Publishers
Work closely with EyeWonder to more effectively monetise more of your ad inventory.
We can help you develop custom Ad Formats and even show you more effective ways to serve your clients with Rich Media and Video Ads.

If you would like to meet with Eyewonder then please contact me Robin at altex dot ee (we are coordinating their diary) or speak direct:

Michel de Rijk
aim – ewmderijk
skype – ewmderijk
mderijk at eyewonder dot com

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