Free seminar: how to make money online? was a complete success

Performance-based marketing is on the rise

Performance-based advertising, which belongs to the Affiliate Marketing field has been growing in well developed markets, especially Finland, to become a major Internet advertising sector, where budgets for advertising have continuously increased.

Curiously in Estonia, which is considered as an up and coming IT country, this course of direction in advertising remains something of a novelty.

Tõnis Hinnosaar

Tõnis Hinnosaar

Tõnis Hinnosaar, Director of the CPC, CPA and Affiliate Network, which was established in Estonia, said the harsh truth out loud: “Many of the bigger portals are still thinking about it, but there is really nothing to think about- marketing is moving more and more towards CPA and that is a fact everyone should accept. CPA advertising has proven itself in other countries and now all we can do is wait for Estonia to join the rapid flow of innovation. Companies, who are already part of this development, have a huge advantage over their competition. Because of the rapid growth of the field they can achieve unprecedented results in the coming years.

People’s interest is very high

July 19 was the day when the extremely successful and free seminar: How to make money online? organised by Altex Marketing and, took place. Turnout for this event managed to exceed even our greatest expectations. Tõnis Hinnosaar, who was the speaker, concentrated above all on raising people’s awareness about the field of affiliate marketing. As the interest on the subject was high, we had to relocate the time and place, because the original venue was meant to accommodate 50 people, but over 200 signed up for the event.

The seminar that took place was the first in the series of international events that has been organising for the near future, commencing in Latvia and Lithuania. The goal is to educate people on the subject and to share information about the opportunities that Affiliate Marketing offers. convenient and easy to use is a pioneering European Internet advertising network focused on delivering excellent CPC, CPA and CPS campaigns that are profitable for both advertisers and publishers. Laura Tammeorg Marketing Manager for CV Keskus describes the network: “Pay4results is convenient and easy to use, with no commitments – you can decide when and for how long to run campaigns, unlike common Advertising Networks! We are using and satisfied with and can suggest it.” is the Affiliate Marketing leader in the Baltics. It actively operates all over Europe, currently in more than 15 countries. was established in Estonia in 2010 and took off quickly, now they create and manage ongoing international campaigns. is owned 100% by Altex Marketing OÜ, the first and leading Internet marketing company in Estonia since 2005.

We hope that all the guests of the seminar enjoyed it and managed to obtain knowledge and ideas to move forward with.

You can see pictures from the event HERE.

Also a couple of short videos from the event are on YouTube:

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