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altex is a 20% holder in mediadash (a Uk company).
It’s an exciting, small, but fast growing company, with global potential.

We have been experimenting and built some toys (we have a development team in India btw) that we offer you to play with.
Feel free to comment below, we share in the hope of gaining some feedback.

1. Text scraper
2. Summariser
3. Sentiment engine

Mediadash will have a website by the end of the year where we can explain more…watch this space.

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I tried the summariser. To put it politely, it still needs developing. I entered the URL of one of my own blog posts and it just keeps returning extracts of my blog’s side bar.

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David Phillips

Hmmm… Larco thanks for trying it out.
This is an issue that we have all the time and so what we do is to put another of our toys in between the search which takes out the code that you are picking up.

This is the ‘toy’ we use to extract texts Even then we sometimes have to add other filters.

It is also a pretty good programme for finding out, in a sentence what a web site front page represents.


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