Gemius International, Filip Pieczynski: Views on Estonian Web Analytics

Vice-president of Gemius International, Filip Pieczynski, gives his opinion in a video interview (13 minutes) regarding Google Analytics and why it is not used in developed Western markets, but is
widely popular everywhere else, and a short overview on how things are looking regarding online measurement in Estonia compared to other Baltic states.

Filip Pieczynski, Gemius International Vice president from Ansis Egle on Vimeo.

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Artjom Kurapov

What does this Gemius company do? Rather clogged introduction. Google Analytics disadvantage is javascript, which means that robots are not indexed (maybe thats a good thing), but it also means that some percentage of users will not be indexed, because .js is not fully loaded from google.

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Toomas Tepomes

Hi Artjom!
Gemius is biggest online research company in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide clients with different kinds of researches starting from webanalytics, ending with online campaign measurement. When it comes to googleAnalytics and comparison with our products, the biggest difference is probably what kind of cookies we use. gA always uses first party cookies, while we use 3rd party cookies, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but we consider ability to measure the number of real users and also giving the socio-demographic data of visitors our biggest advantage.

You can learn more from or simply by asking me

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Of course Toomas,
The “biggest online research company in Central and Eastern Europe” statement is something you need to elaborate on.
I mean, BrainActive Research covers 19 Eastern Europe markets and provides access to actively online managed panels from Croatia and up to Ukraine, and we don’t call ourselves “the largest”.

Take a look at to learn more.
best regards,

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