Google Analytics

Google Analytics Overview

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you an easy-to-use tool with the ability to collect data and measure and analyze your and your online visitors activities. 

You can use the collected information to build, improve and redesign your websites for maximized profit, as well as client retention. You can work on pages that seem lacking, by providing new content that creates and drives conversions, and benefits your business.

You can also track the performance of your keywords, banner ads, marketing campaigns and metrics such as revenue, average order value, newsletter sign-ups, page downloads and e-commerce conversion rates.

  • Measure and analyze– analyze the behavior and online activities of visitors, and get a better understanding of ROI.
  • Optimize conversions– modify, refine and improve content and boost conversion rates. Tweak and enhance your current web pages in order to generate more traffic and revenue.
  • Target marketing activities– Raise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and lower your costs.
  • Compare values across channels– including paid and organic search, email, affiliate marketing, display ads, mobile placements and more.



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