Google Presentation by Andrew Pozniak

Google were in Tallinn recently in the shape of Andrew Pozniak.
I had the pleasure and privelige of meeting with him for a couple of hours.

We discussed a number of issues related to tourism marketing online (I was acting mostly in my capacity as content strategist for but we covered other ground)

I can’t divulge any secrets (I am sure I would be shot) but I can say it was made clear that Google is increasing its commitment to Estonia and the Baltics in general and that means I believe we can expect positive developments that will have an impact on internet marketing in the region.

Andrew later shared with me the presentation he gave at a seminar where he spoke the following day and kindly agreed that I could share it more widely…so here it is.

Google Presentation by Andrew Pozniak: The Challenges of Online Marketing
Note: This is especially targeted at hotel and travel sector.

With regards to the presentation slide showing stats about Google search engine’s market share in Baltics I would point out that this data came from Gemius, not Google.

Google does not share absolute market share figures.

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