Heads, peas, food : Katri Kerem's funny word moment

This about the word PeaToit. An invented word.

I recently was Skyping with Katri Kerem and ask her does the name “PeaToit” work for you’? It works in English…

She said”To be honest it sounded a little odd at the first instance. It does not create associations immediately but together with the explanation it works well and will be memorable. Hopefully.”

Note: PeaToit means HeadFood and describes an event where techie and marketers eat, drink, share ideas and ‘build bridges’.

Now here’s the funny part:

Katri said: “I just realized I have a really weird mind – for a moment pea was like an english word for me – like eating peas. A feast of peas.”

Robin Gurney: (chuckle)

Robin Gurney: miks mitte “hernetoit” ? or something like that

Katri Kerem: Yeah, and Tuesday after the event (28th Feb 2006) you have the Estonian national holiday when you are supposed to eat pea soup and go sledging. Or go sledging first and then have a pea soup.

Robin Gurney: Interesting coincidence.

Katri Kerem: Shrove Tuesday was the last day before Lent. It was a moving holiday which always fell on a Tuesday.

Traditional dishes were bean or pea soup, cooked with trotters. Magic was performed with trotter bones which was supposed to be favourable to the pigs’ growth.

On Shrove Tuesday, people were keen on sliding: a long slide was supposed to guarantee a good growth of flax. (from

Well there you are!
Have you got any funny word stories?
Share yours with us.

PS Katri Kerem was an early Eturundus! speaker.

You can hear Katri’s speech or see her presentation at the Eturundus! archive

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