Helicopters and Ross Mayfield in Tallinn, Estonia

Here at altex marketing we have a board of advisors (or helicopters, as we refer to them internally).

Why does a small company like altex need a board of advisors?

Because we are small but we want to grow fast.

In order to this we need to involve more brains: smart people with different skills, perspectives and attitudes. We admit that we do not have all the answers internally and so we readily accept the need for good advice.

Our ‘helicopters’ see things from above and can alert us to threats and opportunities and mostly importantly, point out how we could do things better for our clients.

Our first helicopter was Siim Teller, who has been great. For example he pointed out an article by Ross Mayfield about ‘boards of advisors’ that set off an interesting chain of events.

Ross nicely summed up some of the benefits of having a board of advisors as:

1. Thought leadership
2. Technical advice
3. Strategic advice
4. Trusted feedback loop
5. Network into customers, partners and VCs
6. Increases the perception of scale and maturity
7. Properly disclosed influence through blogs and press
8. Cash-conservative compensation

Here are my comments on Ross’s post.

The chain of events that Siim started resulted in dialogue between me and Ross Mayfield (seems like a nice guy). To cut a long story short Ross has agreed to speak an Eturundus! event in the near future 🙂

We will keep you posted !

PS In addiiton to Siim we have two other helicopters: Peeter Marvet and Ilmar Kästik

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