Hiring People for an internet marketing agency in Estonia

We are a small internet marketing agency in Tallinn Estonia.

But we are growing fast and are ambitious.

As the boss I realise that we will only be as good as the people we are, the people we hire.

Luckily we have not made too many mistakes in our one year history and I am really happy with the team we are assembling.

If you are a small agency I would like to share some of experience and attitude to hiring and firing:

1.Go for personality

Do you like them? Would you drink a beer with them? Will they fit it with the rest of the team?

2.Go for attitude and work ethic

Do they have one? Are they hungry? Do they want to make a difference or do they just want a job? Is there a shine in their eyes?

Avoid clock watchers !

3.Are they flexible?

We offer flexible working conditions but expect it back too when the chips are down and deadlines must be met – you don’t want someone checking contract wording every 5 minutes.

You have probably noticed I do not talk about experience or references.

Yes some relevant experience is useful, of course references can be good too but I like to think that the “right people” will survive and enjoy a 3 month trial with us. If not then obviously we are not right for each other. C’est la vie.

It’s also true that here in Estonia that are not that many trained or experienced internet marketers in the marketplace.

Internet marketing is not rocket science: flexible smart people who think creatively, like solving problems and are not afraid to challenge some of the nonsense you read about internet marketing on the web are always welcome to knock on our door.

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