Hotifon debuts Elion's VOIP entrance to Estonian market

Ericsson’s IP Multimedia Subsystem solution is the foundation for a new suite of services from Elion introducing the “mainstream” market in Estonia to IP telephony, video telephony, IM, and IP Centrex services.

Perhaps not rocket science or “new” for some of us but nonetheless I think it marks an important development in the Estonian marketplace. Let’s see…I know that some people are less convinced about the importance and potential success of this move. Personally I think its a winner 🙂 and that’s not because Elion is a client …anyway I use Skype and am quite happy with that thankyou.. it’s because people trust a big company like Elion and it means widespread adoption of cool technology. “Bring it on” I say, the more, the merrier.

Anyway here, from the horses’ mouths:

“Ericsson’s extensive experience in IMS will enable us to utilize this state of the art solution to its full potential. Ericsson IMS simplifies the creation and delivery of new services, allowing us to improve time-to-market of new, advanced offerings.”

Valdur Laid, CEO, Elion

“With Hotifon, you can phone home from any place in the world for the same price that you make calls in Estonia. During the test period until August 31, we hope to receive direct feedback about the use of the service and with the help of the users, to make Hotifon even better.”

Margus Kurm, Elion’s Director of Products and Services

Apparently Margus also said the goal was to offer free voice and video calls, text messages, and other new communications possibilities to the user community.

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