HTML, WordPress and website content I: Introduction to HTML

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.
It helps us to tell the web browser what, where and how we want to see on the screen.

HTML enables to format text and connect it by links with different objects (images, sounds, videos, programms, css-files (layout files), pdf-files, etc) and other Web pages.

Every content page on the website is a text document (filename extension .htm or .html) which contains several different HTML elements. Content of this file can be easily seen – just press CTRL+U while you are on the web page which HTML code you are interested in.

Here is one simple HTML code:

<!DOCTYPE html>



And this is how the web browser shows it:


Everyone can try this. Open Notepad, copy the HTML code above and paste it into Notepad. Save this text file with extension .html or .htm. Then open the saved file again. The file will be opened by web browser and the result should be similar to the example above.

Even if we don´t know anything about HTML and we use only visual editor in WordPress, still we change one element of HTML code – <body>. This HTML element contains the information we can see in the browser window. So everyone who edits webpage content or adds it should know what happens between tags <body> and </body>.

To be more clear what we call visual editor and what text editor in WordPress, let´s see both of them.

Visual editor in WordPress:


Text editor in WordPress:


Next article will introduce HTML elements.

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