Information Architecture

Overview of Information Architecture

Benefits of Information Architecture

Information Architecture describes and manages the ways in which the different pages of your website relate to one another and are connected, thus ensuring that your information is organized in a consistent and predictable way on each page. 

Information Architecture service involves the assessing of the existing and needed content, organizing the pages, providing guidelines to support using the site efficiently, and developing navigational structure.

Information Architecture also prevents time-consuming and costly alterations to your web design as it identifies required features, the number and location of navigational links and the placement of web content, early in the development process.

  • Easier navigation for your users– Well-organized webpages help users find key information and complete desirable actions more quickly.
  • Greater subjective satisfaction– Visitors will enjoy using your webpages that are coherent, intuitive and functionally convenient.
  • Saves money and time– Information Architecture ensures that all of the phases of your website development run smoothly and efficiently.


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