Internet (advertising) to overtake outdoor in Estonia in 2007…and Radio in 2008

That’s whats going to happen if you extrapolate the latest figures from TNS EMOR.

The report states : “The turnover of Estonian media advertising market reached 1,355 billion kroons in 2006. The increase compared to 2005 was 18%.”

So 18% overall growth in one year but within those stats internet advertising grew 66% and outdoor “only” 25%.

If this year’s growth is at the same rate then 2007 will see an Internet spend of 109.56 Million Kroons and Outdoor will grow to just less at 105 Million.

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NB I would like to know if TNS Emor’s internet figures basically are just about banner ads on the big sites (I suspect they are) or whether it includes email marketing, online PR and other internet “advertising” activities. It’s hard to believe that the overall budget share in Estonia is still only 5% but it is..but it’s rising 🙂

NB2 Also if this rate of growth continues into 2008 then Internet advertising will overtake Radio around Summer 2008. End of year extrapolated figures for 2008 show Internet with 181M and Radio with 144M

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Jüri Kaljundi

The real market share of online advertising in Estonia is over 10%.

EMOR figures as I know are banners + search on biggest sites, then multiplied by some number to include sites they do not monitor. For banners and display ads it is more or less correct.

But that does not include for example classifieds and directories, yellow pages, sponsorships, e-mail marketing etc which in many countries (like by IAB is included in online advertising. That part in Estonia is at least the same 66 million EEK, could be somewhat more. The same way in US classifieds and display ads are both ~20% of the online advertising market.

EMOR stats include job ad or real estate ad if it is printed in newspaper, but not if it is published online. So let’s not talk about the 4,8% / 66 mEEK figure, that we all know is incorrect (I am faulty in that as well, reporting it initially on my blog).

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Robin Gurney

Good stuff, thanks for your insights Jüri. I confess my maths was simplistic and so its good someone knows the “truth”.
So would you say then internet has already overtaken outdoor and radio in Estonia?

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Jüri Kaljundi

Yes, if we include even just online classifieds, online is bigger than radio or outdoor.

My math was simplistic as well as I have no definite figures, so online could be a little bit less than 10%, but it is somewhere around there.

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tuur —

pane oma blog ikke maakeeli

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Robin Gurney

Tuur, this is a bilingual blog. Many of the posts are in Estonian. We have tried translating my posts (because minu eesti keel ei ole hea) but it detracts from the meaning. Sorry but I blog in English. One day I hope my Estonian will be good enough….
Comments are welcome in Estonian, no problem. I understand a lot more than I can write 🙂

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