Internet marketing event with donation payment model

Our fifth internet marketing seminar was pretty successful considering the date (Thursday afternoon before Easter). It was a sell out (120 places) and over 100 people actually came along. (Some more people tuned in to the live webcast)

PeaToit! (HeadFood), the post Eturundus! networking event ,grew a bit too. The first one attracted 25 people, this second one, 40.

Eturundus! 5 used a donation payment model. That is to say we asked people (actually we insisted – zero was not accepted) to make a donation. We gave recommendations of the size of donation per person based on the size of organisation they represented. Some paid in cash on the door, other paid in advance via ebanking transfer. Most people gave the recommended amount, some gave less and a few gave more. One company even gave double the highest recommended amount ! :))) We also gave a small number of free seats away to invited students, academics and previous speakers. We will use this model again probably with some minor modifications.

E! 5 almost broke even which is pretty good considering we laid on free food, rented one of the largest meeting rooms in Reval Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn and had some expenses involved in bring Sam Michel from Chinwag (UK) to speak here and stay a couple of days.

The next Eturundus! will hopefully be in June.

As Sam would say… Toodlepip!

Sam’s speech and presentation are here.

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I especially like this section of altex´s website latest presentations from Eturundus!

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Robin Gurney

Actually we have had some negative feedback about the ambiguity of the donation model. What we meant was a donation was required, not optional, but it seems as though that is a bit strange here and caused some bad blood. Whoops, sorry. I think next one we will probably just have a tiered payment structure and remove the word donation. Big company people pay the most, academics, students, self employed pay the least. Small and medium size companies in the middle. However the jury is still out on the best model… we are getting there, slowly.

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