Internet Marketing Events in Estonia

Eturundus! (E!) events are about internet marketing and altex organises one every two months or so.

The next one: E!4 on 27th February in Tallinn, Estonia is sold out.

The good news is that E!4 will be streamed free and live too – for those people that cannot come to the actual event. The first two speakers will speak in English (2.30-3.30pm approx Estonian time)

So if you want to listen to the E!4 speeches, LIVE and FREE, at work then ‘check in’ here at E!4 LIVE at about 2-2.30pm on 27th February.

Put it in your diary now.

Peeter Marvet, who has made this possible, says:

“This is a shoutcast-stream in OGG which can be heard for example in WinAmp. “

Peeter also advises:

“If you want to test your technical readiness try (Tallinn Radio Station) Radio Mania now”

We would also like to introduce a new type of event. PeaToit! (P!)

PeaToit means “HeadFood” and probably works beter in English than Estonian!

Anyway we we mean ‘food for thought’, ‘brain nourishment’ etc.

You get the idea.

P! events are social.

After Eturundus!4 there will be a free open networking event called PeaToit!

PeaToit! is a place for marketers and technologists to meet, eat, drink and share “internet” ideas.

PeaToit! aims to build bridges between Marketing and IT people, from
agencies and clients.

Each PeaToit! will have a general theme:

PeaToit!1 is about “building community around a website”…but you can talk about anything:)

We have reserved the non-smoking section of The Travellers Pub on Tartu Mnt 44
They have FREE parking 🙂

So, even if you cannot come to E!4 then please come to PeaToit!1

Everyone is welcome.

Bring friends, bring colleagues.

No need to book. Just come along after work at 5.30-6pm.

PeaToit!1 finishes when the last one leaves!

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