Internet marketing is big….

..but it’s going to get a whole lot bigger!

Is it time to invest in internet marketing?

A month ago I had never heard of Pipper Jaffray, a financial services company based in the US. For over 100 years they have advised investors and now they are getting more interested in the internet.

For those of you who are looking to invest seriously in internet opportunities, their recent report might prove interesting.

It talks about the massive migration of advertising money to online. It mentions that companies like Ford, GM and Absolute Vodka are spending 20% of their marketing budgets online!

It identifies that search marketing not only drives customer acquisition but also has a positive branding effect.
Read the Pipper Jaffray Silk Road: The Tipping Point is Approaching report

The big number prediction is that online advertising market (global) will pass $55 Billion by 2010

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