Introduction to Barcamp Co-sponsor Altex Marketing (Estonia)

here’s the intro of a post made on the Barcamp blog

Hi, my name’s Robin Gurney and I am “da big boss” of altex marketing, a specialist internet marketing agency based in Tallinn, Riga and London.
We are proud to be Barcamp co-sponsor and ambassador to Estonia.

Like Barcamp we also want to stimulate education and development of digital media projects in the Baltics.

For modern marketers the internet holds enormous potential and the opportunity for brands, organisations to gain competitive advantages is clear.

If time is the currency of communication then web 2.0 activities are great for developing ways to engage the consumer with your brand however, a word of caution: we believe it is wise to gets basics of visibility, accessibility, credibility, usability, engagement, persuasion, conversion and referral right before starting adding web 2.0 widgets and gadgets “just because you can and they are cool”. Beware the hype of web 2.0.

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