JavaScript Development

JavaScript Development Overview

Benefits of JavaScript Development

JavaScript is an cross-platform object-oriented scripting language designed to be embedded in HTML pages for added interactivity and offers intelligence to web pages.

With JavaScript, user data collection and validation can be done on client-side without the form submission to the web server, thus reducing server resource overheads.

JavaScript is primarily used in client-side to control the browser elements and HTML Document Object Model (DOM) to offer interactivity to users.

  • JavaScript provides a set of objects (Array, Date, and Math) and language elements (Operators, Conditional Controls, and Statements).

  • You can use user initiated events that allow a code to be executed to perform dynamic actions.

  • You can include items such as drag-and-drop components and sliders to give a Rich Interface to your site visitors.

  • Validates form data before submitting to a web server.

  • Detects web browsers and client-side characteristics.

  • You can create cookies on the visitor’s computer.


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