jQuery Overview

Benefits of JQuery

jQuery is small and quick JavaScript library for modern web development. jQuery comes in the form of a single .js file that you link to from your webpage. Your JavaScript code then accesses the library by calling various jQuery functions. It allows convenient development of modern AJAX pages where everything is dynamic and smooth.

Simple selector-style means of getting and manipulating DOM elements makes this very intuitive and comfortable to work with.

jQuery allows you to really condense your code, making it faster, lighter and much more efficient and maintainable.

Information updating in real-time, nice effects and dynamic content- it’s all supported by JavaScript and jQuery makes such developments much simpler.

jQuery Library Features

  • HTML element selections functions
  • HTML element manipulation
  • Events
  • CSS manipulation
  • Effects and animations
  • HTML DOM traversal and modification
  • Ajax
  • Extensibility
  • Utilities: such as browser version and the each function
  • JavaScript plugins


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