Jukka Blomqvist, Ants Lusti, Daniel Vaarik & Epp-Kristina Keerov

Speakers so far for Eturundus! 6 on September 7th, 2-5pm

1. Jukka Blomqvist from Olde Hansa Restaurant
2. Ants Lusti from Leo Express
3. Daniel Vaarik from Hill and Knowlton
4. Epp-Kristina Keerov from EMT
+ ?

Location: Sõprus Cinema, Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

The loose theme of Eturundus! 6 is THE BIG PICTURE.

How will Estonian marketing and communications professionals take advantage of the opportunities (and cope with the threats) that the new technologies offer ?

Speakers will share their experiences, views and predictions.
Speech descriptions to follow.

The event will be followed by PeaToit! 3 – to network and socialise over a beer or two 😉

PeaToit! 3 will be held at ??? and is free and open to everyone, even non-delegates.

Eturundus! 6 is supported by Saldo Magazine, mail2market and

Tickets will be 295 eek and 195 eek for EVEA members (plus tax)

Some tickets will be given free to business students, charities and ex-speakers.

Booking form is not ready yet but you can pre-book by sending an email to e6prebook @ altex . ee

Please give the name and email address of each delegate.

Thanks and see you there I hope 🙂

PS The speeches will almost certainly be in Estonian 🙂

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