Jürgen Rooste

Jürgen had been described to me as “mad as a bottle of chips”or something but like that.
But he is not.
He is normal (but I come from Brighton so maybe my normal is not yours) but definitely no classical or traditionalist style of poet.

Last night in Covent garden we went along to a reading of his which was fun.

I particularly enjoyed his lengthy response to the question:

Why do Estonians drive on the right?

He threw his poems on the floor and I picked a couple of English (translation) extracts up which I will publish here (hope he won’t get too upset about that)

back to work..

22 april: here are a couple of extracts as promised:

I like the start of MUSTVALGE MMES VÄRVILISES TOAS (black and white man in a colourful room)

the brilliant dull poet
enters the room

the chamber is brimming with tension
silken girls on beanbags of rough cloth


and this bit from MEETRIKA ja EETIKA

metrics and ethics should together make
something that deals with overworldly
something that deals with rotten core of society


That’s it. Want any more? Try here

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