Many of you know I am a member of the Estonian Green Party so thats why I probably got a bit of (welcome on this rare occasion) spam today from the people at new Green Paper Kortsleht.

hey Kortsleht guys, a few free tips: sign your email off with a name of a person, address emails to people, give an option to opt out and publish/blog your news on wordpress.
I mean…pdf only? what is this 2001?

But apart from that good luck 🙂

Oh, the link…yes…you can read the July issue here: Kortsleht

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Hey, we’ve just started. And the same week we got the paper together, I left for Hungary, and everyone else went on with their vacations. So, for your enjoyment, I got something like a webpage up just a minute ago (with no pictures and virtually no web design). 🙂

Having fulfilled my duty, I can happily leave again. This time, for Ireland.

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