Kuidas luua kasutajasõbralikku veebilehte

We are always interested in improving our website usability services and so were excited to hear the Alistair Campbell from Nomensa (a leading UK Usability and Accessibility consultancy btw) is running a workshop in Tallinn.

Our usability specialist, Carol Tikerperi will be attending.

It’s on 16th June and called:
How to create user-friendly website and increase your website traffic: introduction to usability
or “Kuidas luua kasutajasõbralikku veebilehte”

You can find out more information in Estonian and book tickets here from Best Marketing but here’s a summary:

You will learn how to:
• Ensure your site reflects your marketing plans
• Understand information architecture
• Deal with content audits
• Implement the principles of good design into your site
• Brief designers
• Deal with opportunities like pods, blogs and streaming video
• Improve your search engine ranking

Course content:
• Session 1 (60 minutes)
• Defining web design
• Usability methods in the design life cycle
• Understanding your audience
• Session 2 (60 minutes)
• Information architecture and navigation
• Content audits
• Session 3 (60 minutes)
• Scanning and reading sites
• Homepage tips
• Design feedback tools
• Streaming media
• Pods, blogs and keyword
• Conclusions (10 minutes)
• Question and Answer Session (30 minutes)

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