Kuldmuna – Kandiline Muna 2008

Kuldmuna and Kandiline Muna are the names given to the advertising awards here in Estonia.
Translation: Golden Egg and Square Egg Awards.

I was honoured to be selected as a judge for the 2008 interactive awards and am looking forward to setting aside the time look closely at what I trust will be some inspiring, creative and measurably effective interactive work.

Here is the full list of judges (Estonian language).

And just in case you are wondering what might impress me? what might get my vote?
Well just this morning I discovered a new website that whilst not perfect (I won’t bore you with details) it is pretty amazing.
I guess it won’t stay like that and this is just a gimmick for launch but still…..

Turn the volume up, sit back and enjoy a shopping website launch like no other…. Hema (The Netherlands)

OK I know this technique is not new on TV or in fact on the web (I wonder if they were inspired by Alan Becker’s excellent work: Animation v Animator 2006 and the even better? part 2 in 2007

Winners of Golden Egg 2008 are here

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Katri —

I hope you will be THE JURY MEMBER who pays at least a tiny bit of attn to usability and commonsense website logic besides fancy (postmodern?)design, bells’n’whistles and like. Mystery meat navigation issues, etc? Please….

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Robin Gurney

Hi Katri
At altex when we judge/evaluate client websites -using analytics, user testing and professional opinion- we generally look at the following aspects:
Visibility – how easy to find?
Accessibility – will it work in all browsers, cultures, modem speeds etc?
Credibility – does the site engender trust and demonstrate expertise?
Usability – is it easy for the user to do what they want and for them to do what you want them to do too (not always the same thing)
Engaging – Does the content hook the user and encourage repeat visits even when not in buying/action mode?
Persuasive – Does it make the “sale”? Is the conversion rate optimal?
WOM – Does the site encourage positive word of mouth?

Having never been a judge at such an awards before I have no idea how much time and flexibility I will be allowed to apply the above criteria.

Needless to say though bells and whistles are not enough. Worry ye not 🙂

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Mika Tuupola

This means there is hope that all winners won’t be full Flash sites with flying stuff and sound.

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