Lennart Meri

Estonian media, hearts and minds have been dominated recently by the death of former, and first, President Lennart Meri.

I must confess my ignorance that I had never heard of the man until his death.

I feel proud that I was in Kadriorg yesterday for the ‘goodbye’ ceremony.

I have grown to love this country and it is now obvious to me that Lennart Meri was a key reason for Estonia’s freedom and spectacular pace of development.

I get the feeling from the Estonians that Lennart Meri will continue to be an inspiration and that there will never be a President quite as good as him again.

Lennart Meri also seemed to be fun, not just a great leader/thinker/humanitarian.

I particularly liked the stories of his moments of anti-protocol. His smiling, occasionally mischievous-looking, eyes say a lot to me.

Normally I do not have much time for nationalists and nationalism ( I think of myself as a Global citizen) but when someone is so passionately nationalist – and in such a charming and eloquent way it makes me wonder.

Goodbye Mr Meri, Hello Mr Meri….it’s time for me to learn more about you..

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Reimo Pettai —

Kogukonna suhted kasvavad ja tugevnevad kordaminekutes ning rasketes õppetundides, jagatud õnnelikemas ja kurvemates hetkedes. Kogukond on tugev kui inimene on tugev. Nagu Lennart ütles, “Riik on iga eestlase nägu” ja selline teadmine toodab iga päev paremat ja jõukamat riiki. Sa, Robin, oled seda ka ise juba tükk aega teinud, ja väga hästi teinud.

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