Localization and Translation

Localization and Translation Overview

Benefits of Localization and Translation

In addition to translation, the localization process can include adapting graphics to the target markets, modifying content layout to fit the translated text, converting to local currencies, using proper formats for dates, addresses, phone numbers and addressing local regulations and so much more.

The end result of localization is a content quality and design that is appropriate for the target locale’s business and cultural conventions, that appears custom built for the cultural and linguistic background and conveys original intended meaning with best results.

When you integrate content development with localization services you can achieve the necessary consistency for international web marketing. 

Ability to communicate information clearly and accurately in multiple languages is a huge benefit and can be a critical success factor for winning over local customers.

The goal of localization is to create a website or content that eliminates or minimizes local sensitivities and uses best practices that fit and benefit from the local culture room, thus assuring quality in every content aspect and helping to fulfill web visitors expectations.


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