Long time no blog !

Oi oi oi ! as they say here in Estonia.
It’s been a long time, nearly two weeks since my last post.

To be honest I have had better and more important things to do.

1. altex marketing (our internet marketing agency) now has a new office in the centre of Tallinn at Maakri Street 19/21. So we have been been painting, cleaning, buying furniture and other stuff etc.

2. I have started teaching the (intensive) Masters ebusiness course at the Estonian Business School which has been a lot of fun but obviously involves time consuming preparation too.

3. We have been working on a complex website content strategy project )in addition to a other client stuff) which has meant a bit of extra reading. Currently I am working my way through these two:

Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy by Anne Rockley

Content Critical by Gerry McGovern

So far I have to say Anne’s is more valuable for our client’s current needs but in a recent email from Gerry he tells me that he has new book coming in November (Content Critical is a bit…old..but still worth a read).

I also became the first Estonia-based member of CMPros : “The Content Management Community of Practice”

Talking about communities of practice reminds me to remind you that David Philips is coming to Estonia. He will be speaking at the Pärnu Marketing Conference (like me). Here is some stuff from David about stakeholder analysis, a subject of ever-increasing interest to me.

4. Putting the final touches to Eturundus! 5 – a regular internet marketing event in Tallinn. 120 people, 5 speakers, live webcast.

and a bunch of other stuff.

So….sorry, I will try not to leave it so long next time.

Here is my “secret” favourite website. If you want to spend some wise money then buy a membership here…
I can really recommend their internet marketing publications unless of course you really enjoy reinventing wheels !

TTFN (ta ta for now)

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Robin, would be great if you could write (shortish?) reviews of these books when you finish them. I’d like to read something on that domain and good recommendations are always welcome.

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Robin Gurney

Sure, I will try to do that. Although I must confess I am dipping in and picking out useful bits and pieces, not reading cover to cover.

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