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One of the most amazing marketing tools is Instagram. In this post I will tell you why that is and how to make this awesome service one of your most powerful online marketing tools.

The great idea of Instagram came to two Stanford graduates Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010, when they realized the potential images had in connecting people around the world based on their interests. Originally purely a photo sharing service is now also a video sharing service.

Currently Instagram has over 130 million active users, sharing 45 million photos per day and over 50% of those users are from outside of the USA. These numbers really show the power images have to connect people to what was happening in the world around them.

As you can see it is truly great tool for marketers as it is important to be where your potential clients are!

Here is how it works: Instagram’s system encourages users to pre-select themselves for marketing. For example, an Instagram user who is pounding out hashtags for sports equipment and sports events is flagging himself as a viable target for a company that markets merchandise within that sport niche.

So how can you make Instagram work for your business?

* First pick a username that best represents your product/service. Make sure the picture is amusing, funny and attractive!

* Then do a hashtag (example #shoes) search (found in the ‘Explore’ section of the app) and follow 35-50 users who are in your niche, every day. Or, it is even better if you can find some niche users in your industry and start following the users that liked their pictures. The idea behind this is to find the engaging users, as they are likely to follow you back. Keep this to about 50 users per day. Over time, with more people following back, your profile will become authoritative and users are more likely to follow you.

Colourful ideas.

Colourful ideas.

* Post a picture every day of the product/service you are selling.  People buy things because of the feelings they want to have. For example if you were selling beauty products a picture of a model with a make up on would be great!

You can also include a Call to Action to your image. For example if you have a shoe shop you can add a text to your image “Last remaining pairs” etc. But don’t overdo it. CTA once a month should do the trick! If you use CTA then you can link your image to your product page. Make sure your site has payment options.

Where do you get the pictures?

Best option is to take your own pictures, however you can also find a suitable one using hashtag search on Instagram but always remember to mention the source in the description.

Try these tips and see the difference!

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