Measurable Management of Internet Marketing & Communications

Given the economic climate it is increasingly important to measure the
effectiveness of all your operations. On the internet you have to know
what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about results.

Don’t you want to know the answers to these questions?

1. Is our website delivering clients? Leads? Other goals?
2. Was that banner campaign really effective (not just in terms of reach
and awareness but response too)?
3. What are people saying about our company, brands and people online? Is
it helping or hindering us?

At the leading management conference in Estonia, Pärnu Management Conference 2009, I will summarise and show how altex measures three things:
· The effectiveness of a website
· The response to online advertising
· The social media footprint of brands and organisations

I will also suggest how management can make decisions, based on the
findings, which lead to successful actions that improve the company
performance as a whole.

We will be demonstrating some state of the art tracking/monitoring technology, using one Estonian company as a “guineau pig”, to show just how much information about them is out there on the internet and what people are saying about them – in real time (well, as near real time as possible)!

NOTE: Altex is also sponsoring and exhibiting at Pärnu Management Conference 2009 so come by and have a chat with us. On the stand you will find me, Tõnis Hinnosaar (director and Head of Performance Analytics) and Andri Viiand (Senior Project Manager)

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