Most Estonian companies are wasting their time and money in social media

“Most Estonian companies are wasting their time and money in social media”

Controversial international social media marketing experts visiting Tallinn soon.
“From what I see, most Estonia companies are wasting their time and money in social media,” says Robin Gurney, moderator of Tallinn Socialfest 2012 a Baltic-Nordic social media marketing conference that is likely to cause controversy.

Tallinn Socialfest 2012 happens on June 1st.

One of the many international speakers, Magdalena Pawlowicz, who has a working experience in 13 countries and with 10 companies listed on Fortune’s Top 50 list, says that it is possible to sell with social media even though “social” is not supposed to be sales-oriented.

“It’s true that you don’t need a huge fanbase, but it is still possible to help your business benefit from investing time and money into Facebook,” says Marko Saue who will be speaking about advanced use of Facebook in marketing.

But how do you measure the return on investment in social media? “Let’s face it: return on investment is a big fraud,” says Petri Mertanen, a leading marketing analytics specialists in Finland. “ROI from social media is even bigger joke.” Albert Einstein said: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” This is so true, especially when it comes to marketing. There are numerous purposes in social media marketing that cannot be counted money-wise. Probably the most important thing is to know what matters and what is just “nice to know”. Measuring is not an option, but instead of reporting numbers, you have to do analyzing.”

David Phillips, Professor of Online Public Relations, addresses an even bigger issue: “The internet is accumulating a lot of information. This is a big opportunity to move organisations closer to consumers and is also a threat allowing anyone to look into even the closest of corporate secrets.”

“There’s no point in making controversial claims if there’s nothing to back it up. At Tallinn Socialfest you will hear speakers with more than 100 years internet communications combined experience.” says Andri Viiand, MD of Altex Marketing and Google+ evangelist.

“If you have any commercial interest in social media, attending this event is a must.”
Tallinn Socialfest 2012 will take place 1st of June. More info available here

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