Multilingual Search Marketing Report (FREE/TASUTA)

If you are interested in search engine marketing especially in non-English speaking markets then you might be interested in a free report which we contributed to. Of course actual statistics are very hard to come by (search engines wont tell you much and there are few independent traffic monitors in some smaller countries).
However based on stats from search marketing campaigns we have conducted and analysis of analytics and some off the record comments from unnamed sources 😉 we think we have been reasonably accurate in our assumptions for the Estonian figures.
Of course Google’s share is rising fast especially amongst professionals
and advanced internet users so the splits for those groups would be much more in favour of Google.


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Teadja —

It’s a shame Finland, Sweden and Norway are not present…

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Robin Gurney

I agree.
Perhaps you can put me in touch with seo/sem experts in those countries and we will see what we can do for the next updated version.
send to robin at altex d0t ee

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Teadja —

Sry, don’t know any, but try google 🙂

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