My Estonia is a civil initiative that invites you and your friends to brainstorm for a better Estonia. A year ago we cleaned up illegal waste in Estonia. Nobody knows how many people dumped waste into the environment, but we do know that 50 000 volunteers came and collected 10 000 tons of waste from all over Estonia! The country is now cleaner but it could be better in other ways as well. That’s why it’s time to recruit 100 000 people to suggest a million good ideas for a better Estonia!

On the 1st of May we will set up more than 400 brainstorming centers all over Estonia and abroad. But thinking great ideas is just one part of the brainstorming. We also invite you to find solutions for making them happen! Surely, you and your friends have great ideas that just have not had the opportunity to be realized yet. Well, here’s your chance! You can make life better on your street, in your village, your hometown, or even all over the country.

Whether you are young, old, highly educated or not, it doesn’t matter, everybody is invited to participate in the biggest brainstorming session ever! We hope that by the end of May 1, 2009, brainstorming events all over Estonia will have yielded a lot of good ideas that we can start to implement as soon as possible. During the summer, the ideas gathered on May 1, 2009, will be analyzed, the best ideas proposed at brainstorming sessions in local communities will be selected, and the very best of them we hope to implement nationwide.

Join us on the 1st of May, let’s make Estonia better!

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