Netiturundus – New SEO company in Tallinn

I have said before that we welcome competition so it’s great to see another company offering SEO services.

The new kids on the block are Netiturundus and I just had lunch with Fred and Mart (seem like nice people) whilst they told me some of their plans.

It seems as though there are going to focus on building small search engine friendly websites as well as offering search engine optimisation services per se.

We wish them well and to anyone else planning to enter the internet marketing space here in Estonia we say:

“Come in, the water is lovely”.

Business is growing and more and more Estonian companies are looking to gain competitive advantages online.

If you know anyone else in Estonia offering internet marketing services then let us know 🙂

NOTE: We have not used Netiturundus services and so we cannot endorse them, however I feel confident that they will be an ethical white hat SEO company, so we are happy to promote them.

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