New affiliate marketing network to distribute more than 70,000€ to affiliates

Press release November 10 2010
New affiliate marketing network to distribute more than 1 M EEK to affiliates

Altex Marketing has launched, a new affiliate marketing service that allows online advertisers to pay for results delivered. Clear return on marketing investment is a fundamental shift in online advertising. More than 1 million Estonian kroons are being distributed to affiliates as an incentive to build the network. is unique in Estonia in that the advertiser can both define the price they pay for advertising and only pay for results delivered.

“It is no secret that most organisations have had to drastically cut their advertising revenue. Therefore many are now looking to pay for results, not promises,” explains Robin Gurney, a founder of Altex Marketing and Internet marketer with more than a dozen years of experience including being a pioneer of affiliate marketing in the UK 1999-2002. He specifies that the result could be anything from subscribing to a newsletter, filling in a questionnaire, booking a test drive or purchasing goods. “This makes valuable to any industry.”

“So far I have had to pay upfront for most marketing services. This involves a risk as the return on investment is unclear,” says make-up artist and trainer Lana Vallo. “With I can for the first time only pay for advertising when my DVD Perfect make-up in 8 minutes sells. This is a great idea from a company I already know and trust,” she adds.

“This solution is an innovative opportunity for advertisers to conduct campaigns and an additional revenue stream for smaller and larger websites,” said Sten Klemm, head of advertising sales for Elion, the telecom company. He added that the flexible choices offered will benefit the development of Estonian advertising market.

“We have developed so that online advertising feels less like a black hole. Similarly, it allows anyone with an online presence to start making money. Whether you have a website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page, you can earn extra money from by becoming an affiliate,” explains Tõnis Hinnosaar, the technical director for is crediting 7 EUR (109.5 EEK) to the account of first 10 000 affiliates upon sign-up and activation to kick-start their earnings.

Update 2011: This offer expires June 30 2011.

Already, Ferratum, Studio Moderna, Äripäev and several other companies have signed up as advertisers with the service. is open to any online advertiser and affiliates can be either businesses or individuals. is based on the Direct Track platform, which is the only system to have been audited as accurate to IAB (International Advertising Bureau) standards. It is run by Altex Marketing, Estonia’s longest-established specialist online marketing agency that has conducted campaigns in every EU country. is expecting to reach 15 countries in a year, so it will give Estonian exporters easy access to Baltic, Nordic, Russian and other European markets. In preparation for launch, cross publication agreements have been made with over 350 networks around the world.

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Tõnis Hinnosaar
Technical Director
512 3086

Andri Viiand
Project Manager
553 1434

Robin Gurney
Director of Strategy

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