New Russian Language Conference Addresses Estonian Marketing Failures

It is widely, although sometimes privately, acknowledged that a significant proportion of Estonian companies are failing to engage positively with Russian speakers online.
The main reasons seem to be:

Lack of knowledge and awareness of which internet channels Russian speakers use and how they use them
Insufficient resources – people, time and money.
Lack of desire –just don’t care

The proportion of highly qualified Russian speaking internet marketing professionals in marketing departments of medium and large Estonian companies is relatively low.
Also many leading marketing agencies don’t have top Russian speaking Internet-marketing professionals either.
It is also fair to say that there are not many Russian speaking internet marketing professionals in Estonia and this lack of human resource further exacerbates the problem even for those companies and agencies who want to address the issues.

As a result, the Russian speaking population of Estonia is being poorly served:
· from search engines they cant easily find the products, services and solutions to match their personal and professional needs and desires
· they receive less volume of and lower quality email communications
· they are experiencing less social media participation allowing them less opportunities to connect with Estonian brands.

If more Estonian companies are going to take advantage of Internet Marketing for the whole Estonian population, they should change their mentality and improve their online communications significantly.

e!VENE conference is the first Internet Marketing conference in the Russian language in Estonia.
It will, amongst other things, address the discussion of Internet Marketing failures and what can be done to improve the situation by engaging delegates and by high profile speakers sharing their ideas and thoughts on ways to “Sell to Russian speakers online”.

Please read more information and register at (Russian) or (Estonian)

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