NordiCHI 2006, Oslo, Norway

International Design and Engagability Conference 2006 15th October @ NordiCHI Oslo Proceedings edited by Knight, J. Sheriden, J and
Torstensson C.

This came into my inbox this morning so I thought I would share it.

I certainly plan to go.

I also feel a little proud to be the first (I think) to get this on the web. Its not even on the site yet – or 🙂

I guess that’s a scoop !

The conference agenda is, I must say, pretty amazing:

Stream 1. Design for engagement

Engaging users for a better work experience
Izabel Barros, Dave Lathrop and Bruce Simoneaux.

Appreciative Inquiry: Designing for Engagement in
Technology-Mediated Learning
Denise Withers and Janet McCracken.

Person-Centered Design Methodology As An Instrument To Create
New Products
Denise Dantas and Leda Gomes.

User Models for Children: Fact or Fiction?
Alissa N. Antle.

Unveiling People’s Inner Needs, Desires And Fantasies To
Forecast Future User-Product Interaction Experiences
O. Tomico et al.

Development of a conceptual design methodology for
ergonomically-shaped Product forms
M. D. Shieh, C. C. Yang. and F.S. Lin

Designing for engagement in a simulation game for learning
Cecilia Katzeff and Carin Torstensson.

Visual Realism and Virtual Pedagogical Agents
Magnus Haake and Agneta Gulz.

The Participatory Web: Engaging Audiences Through Remix Culture
Robert Sharl.

Engaging Experiences with Emotional Virtual Therapists
Chris Creed and Russell Beale.

Engaging students in active learning – a virtual environment
Sue Barnes and Viv Bell.

Stream 2. Interpreting engagement

Is mobile TV engaging?
Anxo Roibas.

Sky reverie: Create your worn constellation with your wishes
Jinsil Seo.

Real Pong and Virtual Tennis – Hybrid Spaces in Everyday Life
are Possible
Joost van Eupen et al.

Think local: Merging online and real life communities
Frank Jesgarz et al.

Re-Presencing; A ‘denser now’?
Terry Rosenberg and Mike Waller’

Urban navigation and the pedestrian
Andrew Furman.

Media Hybrids and Language Interactions: Humans, Machines and
the Middle Ground
Lanfranco Aceti and Marco Gillies.

Interactive environments: towards an epistemology [models and
methodologies for interactive design]
Daniela Kutschat Hanns et al

Stir (evoking sensory awareness)
Stephanie Grey

Ambient Art: Understanding qualities of (dis)engagement
John Knight

Video storytelling as an experiential database for volunteer
festival workers
Cecilia Katzeff and Vanessa Ware.

NordiCHI is a forum for human-computer interaction research.

NordiCHI happens every two years. Previously: Stockholm (2000), Århus (2002) and Tampere (2004).

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