Nukufilm and Joonisfilm at the London International Animation festival. 120 Puppets on Display

Two Estonian animation studios at the London International Animation festivalNUKUFILM and JOONISFILM. A collection of most recent releases by both studios.
Saturday, 25 August at 7pm – Estonian panorama 1 (short films)
Meet filmmakers Priit Tender and Mait Laas
The Closing Session, Hardi Volmer, 2007
Marathon, Kaspar Jancis, 2006
Taste of Life, Ülo Pikkov, 2006
The Dress, Mari-Liis Bassovskaja, Jelena Girlin, 2007
One, Katri Haardes, Elisabeth Salmin, 2007
Gene + ratio, Mait Laas, 2005
Message for our Neighbours , Priit Tender, 2005

Sunday, 26 August at 5pm – Estonian panorama 2, Priit Pärn special!
Parnography – a 52 minute documentary about Priit Pärn
1895 – Priit Pärn film

“Nukufilm Studios – Having Soul”
Venue: Curzon Soho Cinema, Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC1
From 21 August to 26 August

The exhibition gives an overview of the makings of the Nukufilm studio during 50 years. Numerous photos, designs and 120 exciting puppets made by the masters of Nukufilm on display. The exhibition offers an opportunity to peek into the mindset of puppet animation. How idea led to film. How puppets get a soul – come to life.

Here is a full list of Estonian Cultural events in the UK

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