Online Media Planning

Online Media Planning Overview

Benefits of Online Media Planning

All possible forms of presenting online advertising campaigns are grouped together under online media. This includes both conventional advertising formats, as well as modern moving image formats and other more innovative advertising forms.

Depending on the different communication and business goals, coordinated media campaigns can increase sales, promote brand awareness and encourage customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In close collaboration with the creative team and experts who have comprehensive knowledge of online media buying and planning, it is determined which online media and tactics are most suited for achieving your campaign goals and reaching your chosen audience.
Managing correct ad placement and ad distribution platforms and making use of most effective targeting and communication tools, we help you to create, target and deliver right messages to right audiences.

  • Establish online media goals in light of your company marketing and advertising objectives and create budget and value for activities.
  • Create and implement effective media tactics.
  • Choose right tools and procedures for evaluating and managing the process and progress of the media plan.


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