Pärnu Konverentsid LinkedIn Group Discussion

Pärnu Konverentsid recently created a group on LinkedIn and its grown fast (100+ new members in less than a week).

The first discussion is up and its a goodie for those of us interested in social media.

It started with the question by Toomas Tamsar:
Kuidas küll meiegrupi hea seltskonna abil paremini konverentse ja teemasid tutvustada ning paremaid konverentse teha?

I just posted a comment there that begins (its a long comment)….

Some great points being discussed here and I would first like to apologise for posting in English. My passive Estonian is enough to follow but not good enough to write.

Internet PR aka Social Media Marketing online is in its infancy globally and Estonia is behind the US/UK curve however we (and no doubt others) have been experimenting for a couple of years now with some of our more forward looking Estonian clients.

I think Hanno absolutely hit the nail on the head. Estonian relevance is key. There is enough international theory out there “to sink a battleship” but practical Estonian advice is highly sought after and rare.

Unfortunately though the few (Estonian agency) people who have successfully experimented with social media in Estonian contexts are not yet willingly to openly share everything that works because it will immediately erode their competitive advantages – I guess altex falls into that group. We share but not “everything”.

The same goes for clients. We know companies using social media to good effect but they too are unwilling to share openly because their competitors can attempt to imitate faster.

I would like to make one suggestion ref corporate blogging. Most of the companies I speak to (who ask me if/how they should blog), I say “No, don’t blog”. Why?

To read the rest you will have to join the Pärnu Konverentsid Group on LinkedIn

Disclosure: Pärnu Konverentsid is an altex client and we have advised them on use of online channels including LinkedIn.

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