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It seems like years ago already when altex marketing oü started but actually it only was mid-2005.

That’s when I (after working for a while in Estonia as self-employed internet marketing consultant under the name “angloestonian“) decided it was time to create an internet marketing agency here in Estonia – to fill a gap in the “market to come”.

I hunted around for competitors and potential allies and found Priit Kallas at Sevenline.

After some negotiations we decided to team up (Birgit Naur is the third altex co-founder).

Priit did a great job on the technical side and I have to say that he really does know his SEO (search engine optimisation) stuff – again from a technical perspective – much more so than me actually (Richard and Aleksei now look after altex clients’ tech seo requirements btw)

On the Search Marketing Strategy front we had some pretty serious differences of opinion and also in the direction of altex as a business.

So when Priit decided to leave in December 2005 it was with mixed feelings.

Anyway, this post is to set the record straight.

If you need technical SEO help then Priit IS worth talking to too.
Priit has an interesting internetiturundus blog too (in Estonian)

So if you are an Estonian company thinking about Search Engine Marketing there are three companies you could put on your pitch list:

1. altex marketing
2. Sevenline
3. Netiturundus

Does anyone know any more?

Of course we think that altex is “the best in Estonia” – when a company’s SEO or broader internet marketing strategy is being discussed and also especially when SEO in the English language is required…. but then we would say that, wouldn’t we?

You can’t believe everything you read on a company blog or can you?

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