Rabarock report: vesi papud & jankud

This was my second Rabarock.
Last year (2008) was great for me as my favourite band THE FALL played so I couldn’t ask for more.
This year I had lower expectations but Gary Numan and a few eesti bands tempted me to go.

Gary’s gone rocky. His 50 years showed after the first 15 minutes but at least he managed a punky version of Cars and topped off the set with Are Friends Electric?
Too much smiling though – not like the old moody Gary of yesterday. 7/10 gary

But the highlights for me?
The mud and rain and a fine selection of vesi papud (my childish Estonian for wellies/wellingtons) – it made me homesick for Glastonbury Festival.

but my favourite was…drum roll….VELIKIJE LUKI

Irreverent, lively, punky and fun.
The best bit was when the lead singer (no idea what his name is sorry -maybe Ivo Uukkivi) told everyone at the end of the set to “get lost” (in stronger Estonian language) and hop off like little rabbits to the next gig on the big stage. He then repeated this 50? times and for several minutes after the rest of the band had left and power to the microphone had been cut.

Viva VELIKIJE LUKI! Viva punk and well done Rabarock..

Next year: Nick Cave please and how about John Cale (he is amazing live)..

PS the photo is of VELIKIJE LUKI when they woz young—here’s a video of them in Rakvere last year.

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