Reimo Pettai RIP

Reimo Pettai died today (24 March 2008), aged 39, from stomach cancer.
He was a great friend of mine and funny, intelligent and a strong & proud Estonian who worked for Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over a decade.
He was the best man at our wedding and one of my wife’s best mates.
We saw him only yesterday and our last memory was of him smiling with a raised fist.

(originally posted yesterday, 24 March)

If you have any good memories of Reimo then share them here (in English or Estonian or any language you like)

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Reimo was one of my best friends since 1996 , we together studied in Tartu University and lived together in hostel some 5 years. His sence of humor and attitude of life was amazingly positive.Reimo will stay forever in my memory.

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We were born in the same town, at the same maternity hospital in the summer of 68. Went to the same school and had a wonderful time singing and acting in the school theatre. Reimo was surely the one from the sunny side of life. His mother was so proud of him…

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Riina —

It was 02.07.2006 when I saw him first time. It was very hot summer… in every meaning. We went to St. Petersburg to work a little. Till friday everything was normal… even boringly normal. But then… someone decided to put us live together. I fougt against, I didn’t want to move… Anyway, they talked me into and there I was on Reimo’s doorway… ready to move in… All others went back home, so we were left alone. I’ll never forget this weekend and next week in St. Petersburg. It was start for our love and new life. I’m sorry only for one thing – it ended too soon.
I have grown so much during this time we were together and I am very thankful. He was my Reimtšik-Mõntšik.

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marta innlaur —

See inimene oli minu onu… Mina teadsin seda juba praegu..
mulle vaga kahju, et see juhtus temaga..
selle parast,et mina ei teadsin tema vaga hasti..

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Robin Gurney

Reimo is on my mind. Fist clenched. Smiling.

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Silver Taavet —

See,et minu isa oli sinu onu, on võimatu, kuna Reimol polnud vendasi ega õdesi.

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